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About Us

Saira Khalil & Co. Chartered Accountants is a Financial and Tax Consultancy firm. Our firm has obtained registration with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) for providing taxation services in Pakistan. The firm has also obtained license from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) to provide business accounting and auditing services.   

Our consultants consists of Qualified Chartered Accountants and MBAs who are experts in providing top-notch accounting and taxation services to the business clients.

Our consultants have a vast experience in the field of audit, accountancy & administration, taxation, consultancy services, management advisory services, evaluation of systems of accounting and internal controls, compliance with statutory requirements and professional advises on different corporate matters.

How we can help you

Our services are just as important as our expertise.

Financials and taxation can be complex matters that need an effective, tailored and honest approach. We believe in building long-term relationships, partnering with our clients and providing a personal service that exceeds expectations. Harnessing our collective expertise, we specialize in all areas of finance, audit and tax, providing meaningful solutions that will always put our clients needs first. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business, individual or professional firm, we are here to help.

We work with: 

Individuals, entrepreneurs, NGOs, small and medium size businesses and corporate companies to help them achieve their personal and commercial objectives in an efficient manner.


We enable our professional clients to enhance their offering and importantly to increase their potential to generate additional fee income, thus also protecting their practice from competitors.



Our Core Services


The process of Company registration in Pakistan is time consuming and complicated with many documentary requirements, however, if done right can lead to quick and easy registration. In Pakistan, both foreign and domestic investors have a choice to get their businesses registered under various types of Companies. There are three major types of companies in Pakistan, for instance Single Member Company, Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company.

Company Registration

National Tax Number [NTN] is like an identity card for a business, it is even needed for corporate and business executives. Every Pakistani Citizen should apply for a NTN number. In Pakistan NTN number can be verified online from the website of Federal Board of Revenue.
NTN is required for business transactions and opening a bank account in Pakistan. NTN is also required for filing tax return of individuals and companies. It is required for filing tender notices and bids with government departments and multinational companies.

NTN Registration

Partnership form of business has its own pros and cons; it’s mainly suitable for small level businesses. Two or more persons agreed to share the profit of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all, can form a partnership firm.
Partnership Act, 1932, deals with all affairs relating to partnership firms, for instance dissolution of firms, retirement and death of partners and auxiliary issues.

Saira Khalil & Co. provides quick and easy registration for partnership business together with all post registration requirements aswell.

Partnership Registration

Sales tax registration for business individuals and Companies is required if any individual or business is involved in taxable activities [both sale of goods and rendering of services]. Sale tax registration for sale of goods falls under the Federal ambit [FBR] and service tax on providing services falls under the Provincial ambit [SRB, PRA & KPRA]. Sales tax registration is also required to enter bidding or tendering process with a government department or multinational company.

Sales Tax Registration


In Pakistan NGO’s and Trust can be registered under various statutes, for instance Companies Act 2017, Societies Registration Act 1860, Voluntary Social Welfare Ordinance 1961 and Trust Act, 1882.

Saira Khalil & Co. provides quick and easy registration for NGO's and Trusts so that they may enjoy tax exemptions, enhance credibility and increase donor assistance .

NGO/Trust Registration

Filing of the tax returns has now become more important due to the concept of FILER and NON FILER for all individuals, AOP’s and Companies. As being a non filer one attracts higher withholding tax rates on banking transactions , vehicle token, vehicle purchase / transfer, supplies and services provided.

Filing the tax return on time also avoids penalties and default surcharges as applicable under the Pakistan tax laws.

Tax Return Filing

Running or growing a business is tough because of burden of administration and accounting cost. A best solution to reduce the accounting cost is to outsource the accounting function. Accounting outsourcing requires a business to do work of record maintenance only, which does not require any specialized accounting skill.

Saira Khalil & Co. provides you with professionals who take over the burden of accounting and book keeping function of your Company so that you may concentrate more on your core business to increase profits.

Accounts Outsourcing

A good budget is necessity in a profitable business plan. It is one of the best business tools a Company can have to set financial targets and measure its performance.

Budgeting is considered more crucial in NGO sector as release of grants by donors mainly depends on project budgets and utilization of funds.

Saira Khalil & Co. provides Companies with professionals who take care of the budgeting and financial forecasting for both manufacturing and services sectors. We provide forecasting and forward planning solutions that will help the Company to cover any future expenses, if and when they arise.

Budgeting and Financial Forecasting




Businesses of all sizes rely on accurate and insightful financial information in order to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. Companies need to know how to control the strengths, weaknesses, and viability of their business to operate more profitably. Our Management Accounting Services answers these questions and more.

Costing and Cost Manage-ment

Post incorporation requirements of a Company which is  incorporated through Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan [SECP] must be fulfilled, which are usually avoided by small companies and results in incurring penalties and other additional costs. Furthermore, filing of statutory returns is a major obligation of a Company.
Further as time passes,  a Company may need to alter its capital, change name, and alter memorandum and even conversion of Company from one type to other one. Saira Khalil & Co. offers all of theses services in the most efficient and cost friendly manner.

Secretarial Services and Corporate Return Filing


A Company incorporated or formed outside Pakistan, wishing to establish its place of business in Pakistan may establish its business. Both public and private limited companies may be incorporated by a foreign company as a wholly owned subsidiary company. However if the scope of work of a foreign company is limited then only a Liaison or Branch Office may be established. Saira Khalil & Co. can assist a Foreign Company is all its Pakistan registration, accounting and taxation matters. 

Foreign Company Registration

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